The Paloma Man Repeller

Today I tried my luck with The Man Repeller‘s idea of layering. In my opinion it turned out ok but I love the way Lea does it and it didn’t really translate for me. Whatevs at least I tried right? Ok so obviously I’m not like most bloggers who do nothing but blog; I go to school. Considering I go to school there’s no way for me to wake up leisurely and photograph each moment of my outfit. No, I have to take the hard road and deconstruct my outfit after I come home.  It still looks the same but if you look closely there’s a thin layer of sweat on my face and I look a little worse for the wear. But alas guys, I’m gorgeous. Not like I’m tooting my horn or anything but it’s not a bad thing to tell yourself that you are gorgeous….it really does boost the self confidence. So once a day I highly recommend that you tell yourself that you’re gorgeous. After all practice does make perfect…ok so that doesn’t really apply but I think you get the idea.
Now the steps used to make (deconstruct) this outfit:
1) vintage slip that I found at a flea market
2) add a flowy sundress
3) add a Free People sheer bright pink top
4) finally add hot pink heels (courtesy of my mother’s Ford commercial from the 80’s)
5) TA-DA perfection (loljkno)

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