Stress, and how to conquer it

Today was probably one of the most stressful days of my life. Like every. Like more stressful than planning your wedding. More stressful than giving birth. Just stress oozing everywhere. But you know what? I got through it. Very often we come across things that make us so nervous that we want to puke. Or so nervous that the very thought of doing it makes you want to move miles away. And that is so natural, it’s “au naturale”. But I completely understand the whole “omg I’m going to die, I can’t do this, no please I’ll actually do anything so that I don’t have to” feeling, it sucks. But you have to remember, whenever you come up against one of things, that you will get through it. When you look back on your life, that moment when you thought the world was ending, won’t seem like anything at all. So yes, in the moment you’d rather die, but in the long run, you’ll be fine. And that’s exactly what happened to me today. I got through it and ended up getting accepted into the program I was trying out for. But I can promise you that when I was in the middle of this tryout, giving a speech to 100 people, I literally thought that the world was going to end. Like I’d pass out or throw up. But now, looking back, I realize that every single person in that room was nervous. Each and every single one was wishing that it wouldn’t be their turn next, that they wouldn’t have to go. Each and every single person went and in a way we all got through it together. So remember that next time you’re faced with a challenge. Don’t back down because I can promise you that you’ll regret it looking back. *song quote* “When life brings trouble/ You can fight or run away/I have no struggle/Relax watch me float away”- coastin’ by Zion I.

¬†Ok so today’s outfit (after the tryouts) consisted of a Brandy Melville cropped t-shirt, my mom’s underwater themed maxi skirt, and my Doc Martens. I loved it because when the wind would blow the skirt would open up a little making me look less like a nun. Also I got to show off my abs (aka my stomach sucked in a billion times).


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