I’m Back

After being M.I.A for, what is it now, a week? I am proud to say that I am back for good! In between tests, being sick, and the natural business in life I have been unable to post. Now that I’m back I’d like to do the ritual of what I’m wearing, along with showing you guys some new finds! First off, wearing: Brandy Melville shorts, docs (obviously), a plain white tee from Anthropologie, and a necklace that I borrowed from my mother. I really love the idea of floral shorts and a plain tee (any color works)! If any of you would like to send in some pictures of this combo, I will post it on the Facebook page! Also, my outfit for Mother’s Day is below (A&F dress with urban shoes) and Happy Belated Mother’s Day to anyone and everyone who is a mom or embodies a mom! Now for those new finds….Dolls Kill (I think I’ve mentioned them before) has these really cool shoes that I just ordered! I know they are a little interesting, but I might as well try them out, right? http://www.dollskill.com/hellz-bellz-x-belle-of-the-brawl-leather-lambskin-platform-espadrilles.html Also during my week of sickness I had an epiphany! It’s the cycle that all of us girls follow during our love lives (FYI mine is nonexistant).
Step 1: Someone you know tells you that they think that so-an-so likes you
Step 2: You slowly start to like this person
Step 3: After deciding to like this person, you amp up the flirting, only to realize he’s not interested
Step 4: He’s just not that into you (*cough MOVIE TITLE*) and you are stuck liking him
Step 5: Once you slowly get over him, the cycle starts back up!
I really think this is why I’m still single…..
Just fruit for thought! To all of you who doooo have someone special: lucky biotches.
JK Love you all!
xoxo Paloma

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