Paloma’s Summer Lookbook

I stayed home sick today and did not move from my bed once, alas I have no picture of my outfit. But during my time in bed I decided to put together my favorite pieces of clothes that I want for summer. Keep in mind that I don’t own any of these (unfortunately) but they are things that I’d like to have before summer officially starts. Ok so let’s begin. The adorable jumper on the left is from Lulus ($47) and I think it is so unbelievably cartoon-ish that I need it! I’d probably wear sandals, lots of arm candy, and a big floppy hat with it. Next, the highheels from Modcloth (What Really Makes You Romantic Heel- $130) are the most show-stopping heels I’ve ever seen and in order to pull them off I recommend basic jeans with a white flowy tank top. Then below that we have a tank top from Modcloth ($75) which I love because I live in the city and it is the city! It would probably be something I’d wear with a basic black skirt and eccentric heels. The two rings, both from Brandy Melville (about $6 each) I love because one of them says LA (obviously I want it) and the other is a perfect mix between red and brown (otherwise know as amber). These rings are so simplistic that they would pretty much work with anything! Next we have my personal favorite from Topshop (Hexagon Strappy Slip Dress-$150) which I think would be perfect for a fancy brunch, wedding, or just any day where you feel like dressing up. The color is like my soul sister (perfect mix of blue and mint green) and even though it’s expensive, I really really want it. The sunglasses from Forever 21 ($6) are so retro chic and cheap that I could eat them, and that’s pretty much the only reason I want them. Below that, the purse from Free People is something I could see myself bringing to a festival, fair, or even to the beach ($500 *side note SO EXPENSIVE*). Then we have the lilac top ($56 Casual Pleat Front Tee from Topshop) which is adorable (I really like the color) and it seems like a soft and airy shirt to wear when it’s hot. And last, my other personal favorite, pointed toe flats from Modcloth ($30) which you can basically wear anywhere and they make any outfit a little classier. So it’s highly unlikely I’ll be getting any of these soon (a girl can dream) but if I could, I would be wearing these all through summer!

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