Just another Monday afternoon

It’s Monday and I’m already so freaking tired my eyes can no longer open. But alas, I have to force them open for the next four days, well actually forever (except for when I’m sleeping). Anyways today I wore some sort of mix between a granny and a preppy teenager, the outcome being a short Brandy skirt, a crop Brandy top, Urban Outfitters shoes, and a vintage sweater I found in my closet. Like I said, preppy grandma. I’m going to coin that as my phrase here on From Paloma with Love, preppy grandma. So folks you heard it here first, and I think it would be an appropriate way to describe most teenager’s outfits. For example, a really baggy concealing sweater with a piece you’d find at a boarding school on the east coast. Isn’t that great? Yeah it’s great. Now I look naturally like an umplaloompa, so let’s just acknowledge it and move on. I had originally written out my post for today but I recently (during the time it took me to write the first sentence) decided to just go with the flow and make it up as I go. Isn’t that what we normally do anyways? Make it all up as we go? I think that’s when our creativity is able to take hold. Otherwise we are so rigid and stressed that nothing ends up turning out how we want it to. Oh and for those of you who like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/From-Paloma-with-Love/345724132213825 (I’D GO AND LIKE IT IF I WERE YOU) I’ve recently discovered the coolest store Dolls Kill. Ok so you have to rift through it all a little but I promise that you will find something that you love! Also a new app that apparently everyone already has, but I just discovered it POLYVORE and it is amazing! So check it out and follow me @frompalomawithlove!

xoxo, Paloma

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