I’m Back

After being M.I.A for, what is it now, a week? I am proud to say that I am back for good! In between tests, being sick, and the natural business in life I have been unable to post. Now that I’m back I’d like to do the ritual of what I’m wearing, along with showing you guys some new finds! First off, wearing: Brandy Melville shorts, docs (obviously), a plain white tee from Anthropologie, and a necklace that I borrowed from my mother. I really love the idea of floral shorts and a plain tee (any color works)! If any of you would like to send in some pictures of this combo, I will post it on the Facebook page! Also, my outfit for Mother’s Day is below (A&F dress with urban shoes) and Happy Belated Mother’s Day to anyone and everyone who is a mom or embodies a mom! Now for those new finds….Dolls Kill (I think I’ve mentioned them before) has these really cool shoes that I just ordered! I know they are a little interesting, but I might as well try them out, right? http://www.dollskill.com/hellz-bellz-x-belle-of-the-brawl-leather-lambskin-platform-espadrilles.html Also during my week of sickness I had an epiphany! It’s the cycle that all of us girls follow during our love lives (FYI mine is nonexistant).
Step 1: Someone you know tells you that they think that so-an-so likes you
Step 2: You slowly start to like this person
Step 3: After deciding to like this person, you amp up the flirting, only to realize he’s not interested
Step 4: He’s just not that into you (*cough MOVIE TITLE*) and you are stuck liking him
Step 5: Once you slowly get over him, the cycle starts back up!
I really think this is why I’m still single…..
Just fruit for thought! To all of you who doooo have someone special: lucky biotches.
JK Love you all!
xoxo Paloma

Being a tourist

Today I spent almost 10 hours touring Southern California with my aunt. Within those 10 hours I: went shopping, ate ice cream, and discovered how many tourists actually visit California in May. Everywhere we went there we are least twenty tourists scouting the land as we were doing, and in some cases there was up to two hundred tourists. It was really interesting to see because when you live in California you never really see the tourists unless you go to Hollywood or Disneyland. Today they were literally everywhere, even in places where there shouldn’t be tourists….but I guess that this means that California has a HUGE tourist market…I guess. Anyways for my outfit today I went for a mash up of patterns which ended up looking like the “pattern animal” had thrown-up on me. Otherwise known as a Brandy skirt, my mom’s crop top, docs, and really big sunglasses that fell of me multiple times today. To that I added a dove pin (Paloma in Spanish means dove) and a dove necklace. Overall I liked my outfit up until it started raining and became really windy (I sincerely apologize to anyone I flashed, it was not my intention) and I became the weather confused teenager. Oh! And for the things I bought: a thick textured corset, a polka dot tank with flare, and a floral/sheer/collared tank top. Each and everyone was $16 from the lovely store of Heavenly Couture
Ok that’s it for today, alas I have to get ready for school tomorrow #helpz
xoxo Paloma

Stress, and how to conquer it

Today was probably one of the most stressful days of my life. Like every. Like more stressful than planning your wedding. More stressful than giving birth. Just stress oozing everywhere. But you know what? I got through it. Very often we come across things that make us so nervous that we want to puke. Or so nervous that the very thought of doing it makes you want to move miles away. And that is so natural, it’s “au naturale”. But I completely understand the whole “omg I’m going to die, I can’t do this, no please I’ll actually do anything so that I don’t have to” feeling, it sucks. But you have to remember, whenever you come up against one of things, that you will get through it. When you look back on your life, that moment when you thought the world was ending, won’t seem like anything at all. So yes, in the moment you’d rather die, but in the long run, you’ll be fine. And that’s exactly what happened to me today. I got through it and ended up getting accepted into the program I was trying out for. But I can promise you that when I was in the middle of this tryout, giving a speech to 100 people, I literally thought that the world was going to end. Like I’d pass out or throw up. But now, looking back, I realize that every single person in that room was nervous. Each and every single one was wishing that it wouldn’t be their turn next, that they wouldn’t have to go. Each and every single person went and in a way we all got through it together. So remember that next time you’re faced with a challenge. Don’t back down because I can promise you that you’ll regret it looking back. *song quote* “When life brings trouble/ You can fight or run away/I have no struggle/Relax watch me float away”- coastin’ by Zion I.

 Ok so today’s outfit (after the tryouts) consisted of a Brandy Melville cropped t-shirt, my mom’s underwater themed maxi skirt, and my Doc Martens. I loved it because when the wind would blow the skirt would open up a little making me look less like a nun. Also I got to show off my abs (aka my stomach sucked in a billion times).


The Paloma Man Repeller

Today I tried my luck with The Man Repeller‘s idea of layering. In my opinion it turned out ok but I love the way Lea does it and it didn’t really translate for me. Whatevs at least I tried right? Ok so obviously I’m not like most bloggers who do nothing but blog; I go to school. Considering I go to school there’s no way for me to wake up leisurely and photograph each moment of my outfit. No, I have to take the hard road and deconstruct my outfit after I come home.  It still looks the same but if you look closely there’s a thin layer of sweat on my face and I look a little worse for the wear. But alas guys, I’m gorgeous. Not like I’m tooting my horn or anything but it’s not a bad thing to tell yourself that you are gorgeous….it really does boost the self confidence. So once a day I highly recommend that you tell yourself that you’re gorgeous. After all practice does make perfect…ok so that doesn’t really apply but I think you get the idea.
Now the steps used to make (deconstruct) this outfit:
1) vintage slip that I found at a flea market
2) add a flowy sundress
3) add a Free People sheer bright pink top
4) finally add hot pink heels (courtesy of my mother’s Ford commercial from the 80’s)
5) TA-DA perfection (loljkno)