How To Organize: Closet Edition

I’ve learned something extremely interesting in the past three hours of sitting in my room alone; there are too many ways to try and organize your closet. I first started with the idea of “the rainbow” or separating all your clothes by color, which is extremely hard. I mean how do you know how to classify each color and if you can successfully organize this way, your closet ends up looking like a three year old girl’s closet who’s a perfectionist. Then there’s by season: taking all the clothes that you would wear for spring, for example, and putting those on one side of your closet, and leaving everything else on the other side. The only time this gets difficult is when you have a tiny amount of one season’s clothes, and a ton for the rest of the year. But, because of my inability so have my closet messy, I’ve decided to use the method of brands. I know that probably sounds really superficial, but it’s actually not. Since some brands (or stores) sell a certain type of clothes like, for example Free People sells mostly flowery/lacey/whimsical/goddess-meets-beachness, if you classify all those clothes in one area, its easier to find what you’re looking for. For some reason my inspiration to re-organize my closet come from discovering The Man Repeller (And I’m sure you are all wondering how I’ve never heard of it before today and honestly I have no idea). Anyways moving on from the closet, on Thursday of last week I, along with Delilah, went to the Debut show for FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). It was absolutely amazing and I’ll post pictures below of some of the collections. To the show I decided to bring out my inner cat by wearing a cat dress from Topshop, my “stripper heels” from Nine West, and a Kate Spade bag lent to me by Delilah. The show was, like I said, amazing and it’s open to anyone who wants to attend! Just go to the website at the end of this year (tickets don’t go on sale til December) and snag yourself some tix. Also, question for all of you; If I have suspender tights, how should I wear them? If you have any ideas, email me @
xoxo Paloma

Luckiness in a Bottle

Sitting here eating my tiger’s milk bar, I can’t help but try and think of something to write about. I know I write mostly for myself and that no one really reads what I write (just looking at the pictures), but I feel a need to be productive so stay with me and lets see where this leads. Today I woke up at 6:15am, the only reason being that I needed to shower and unfortunately what I had picked out to wear last night, did not end up looking good this morning. Hence the many outfits and the final decision resembling what a clown might wear to a circus. Dress from the 6th grade, my friend’s sweater that I need to return, polka-dot tights from American Eagle, ruffled socks from Topshop, and my favorite boots that I wear almost every day. And in the name of Saint Patty’s day, I’ve decided to help all of you find things that up your luckiness. I know for me whenever I’m nervous for something I tend to become a bit superstitious. In the past I’ve had to arrange my pillows a certain way, wear specific rings on specific fingers, and go through a detailed routine each morning. I realized now that each of these “lucky” things probably were completely irrelevant but once your brain believes in something, it takes a while not to. You’ve all probably heard someone say that they wore their lucky underwear or socks that help them win the game they played, but unfortunately this is all our own superstition. Once in a while we will really be lucky, but that doesn’t necessarily happen each time we wear that ring or pair of socks. But since the saying goes “you make your own luck” here are some ideas on how to make yourself believe you are lucky.
1- When you have a big presentation of some sort that you aren’t expecting and you end up doing well on it, remember the color of your shirt and wear that color next time you have a big presentation. (this may seem silly, but once you start to do it your mind starts to believe that it really is lucky)
2-  Always do something the same before you do something that scares you. For example if you had half a bagel before your interview and you ended up getting to job, eat half a bagel before anything else that you need luck for.
3- If you took a big test using your favorite blue pen, use that blue pen for each challenging test that comes your way(I’m not saying that you shouldn’t study though).
Even though as you’re reading this you are probably thinking wtf I’m saying, but the message is simple once I sum it up: BE LUCKY BY DEVELOPING A LUCKY HABIT. 
xoxoxo Paloma

Lawls of Life

When you wear a big, baggy, flowery sweater to school you have to be prepared to get some strange looks. When you do, take it as a “omgee i love her sweater” look instead of whatever it may be. And from experience (*cough TODAY *cough) it kinda boosts your confidence if you’re noticed. On that note, today I wore a sweater from my mom’s closet, black skinny jeans, my friend’s button up jean shirt, and my favorite boots. Today was also the day that I was laughed at by an entire class but the one thing that made it tolerable was the fact that I was laughing at myself as well. I think sometimes people take themselves so seriously that they are offended by every little comment, no matter how harmless that comment is. It’s nice to be able to take a breath and just relax, allowing yourself to not freak out every time someone looks at you funny. No one’s perfect right? Not even the person staring at your sweater like its on fire is perfect, so don’t take offense. A part of life is about learning to laugh at yourself and not taking yourself too seriously. After all you get a certain amount of satisfaction knowing that you made 25 people laugh for a long period of time. In the end you won’t be remembered as the girl who embarrassed herself. You’ll be remembered as the girl who made everyone laugh. The same lil memo applies to your clothing choices. I’m sure many people think I have a weird fashion sense, and that’s why I wear it and not them, but in the end I’ll probably be remembered as that girl who always wore THOSE outfits. And whether the emphasize is good or bad, well we will have to wait and see. xoxo Paloma.

Beauty on the Beach: Ocean’s Daughter

I’m from an island that only Johnny Depp has been too….JK I’m from SoCal. I’m writing this while singing Mermaid by Train. It’s unbelievably catchy and it’s kinda hard to write and sing at the same time. I wish I was a mermaid….if any of girls reading this haven’t seen H20…watch it now (it’s on Netflix). D’accord (ok in French) now that I have sufficiently talked about my obsession with mermaids…today’s outfit! Ok the only downside to what I wore was that it was windy today. Worn today by Paloma is: dress from H&M, TopShop boots, and a Forever 21 jean jacket. Along with many of my friends, I loved my outfit. That reminds me; yesterday I walked past someone in the hallway and I saw them staring at my outfit and idk I couldn’t help but smirk. Kinda was a confidence booster. Back to today…have any of you heard of the store LF? It’s superbly expensive but today my friend was literally wearing the cutest shorts on earth, and they were from LF. So a little shoutout to LF and to Marissa (for owning the cutest shorts on earth, lucky duck). I don’t really have much else to say today, but do any of you have any good habits for studying math? I have a test and I really need to study so if you have my number text me and otherwise leave me a message on here. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE <3 lawls see you tomorrow dahrling xoxo Paloma
*and as promised a pic of my hair at the bottom

Shark Attack

As I promised on my instagram (@frompalomawithlove) here is a new post for y’all! I just wanted to clear something up about my last post, the situation I described by purely hypothetical. It isn’t about whoever you think it’s about. Anyways, today I started school at 11, which was a blessing from God. I got those two precious hours of sleep that I desperately needed. Along with the extra hours this morning, I had extra time to come up with my outfit for the day: sweater from my mom’s closet (worn as a dress), and boots from the side of the road. I loved the outfit even though I was constantly worried about it riding up. Enough about the outfit, I want to thank every single person who checks my blog each day, because it really means a lot. I’ve had people tell me that they think what I’m doing is weird and kind of strange but to tell you the truth, I don’t care. In the long run, I’ll be doing what makes me happy and no one can tell me it isn’t worth it. I know that often if someone tells you that you can’t do something, you won’t do it. But in reality, how do they know? So do what makes you happy and feel free to express yourself and see what you become. I learned this lesson from the TV show The Carrie Diaries. That may sound incredibly cheesy, but it’s true. Idk maybe it’s the teenage girl that I am, but TV shows inspire me (and that’s not just because the male stars are unbelievably attractive). So do what your heart is telling you to do even if your parents, your friends, or peers tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t. After all you won’t know until you try. xoxo Paloma
Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand-and melting like a snowflake…” – Francis Bacon Sr. 



Fridays are like holidays. Everyone likes them and they ensure time off of school. So in my mind, today is a holiday. I know I haven’t posted all week and that’s because I spend 8 hours or more doing school related activities. So, unlike other teenagers, *cough Kylie and Kendall Jenner *cough, who go places new everyday, I’m stuck in school. For some reason today felt like it was the last day of the year but alas, it wasn’t. Getting dressed today I was wearing sweats and a sweatshirt when I looked in the mirror and decided that since I’d never worn sweats to school, I shouldn’t start today. I’m going to go off on a limb here and talk about the importance of making new friends! Lawls I probably sound like a preschool teacher, but it’s true! In the past few days I’ve started talking to people that aren’t in my friend group and I didn’t realize until I looked at my messages today, and I wasn’t texting anyone from my normal group. I’m not saying that in order to make new friends you should ditch your old ones, because that just annoys everyone, but don’t be afraid to make friends with people your friends wouldn’t necessarily be friends with. For example, I’ve recently become closer friends with a girl who none of my friends are friends with and I know that they don’t necessarily like her. Unfortunately for them, she’s my friend not theirs. So the moral of that is, be friends with whoever you want to be friends with. Ok so a new limb now….I need advice. Actually, no. An answer. Why are guys so difficult to understand? Hahaha that’s like asking why we have air…I mean does anyone know the answer to that? Nada. Okie gotta go but tomorrow I’m going blonde so look out for those pics tomorrow! xoxo Paloma.
OH I FORGOT! I’m wearing Charlotte Russe Jeans, a shirt I got for my birthday, boots that I purchased on the side of the road (literally), and my bb’s cardigan from Urban.

Ok so this picture is terrible but just focus on the outfit. Not the face.


Today wasn’t the greatest of days. My family lost someone we truly cared about and it is such a sad and sudden thing. No one really thinks about death as something that looms in our future, we all think of it as what will happen after we have lived our lives to the fullest. Unfortunately, death is far from that. Death occurs every day rocking the world of those who were left behind, so even though you don’t think something will happen to you or to those you love, make sure to be grateful, smile, and say “I love you” at least once a day. As my English teacher says, “There is only one thing that we are certain of: that we will all die one day”. And as foreboding as that may sound, it’s true. No one lives forever, and that saying, “YOLO”? There are two meaning too it. For some it’s the excuse to go party and do whatever you want no matter the consequences, and for others it’s to do what you really want to do in life, knowing that there might be no second chance. So if, for example, you have the option to either go have a family night out or too go party with your friends, go have a family night because parties are always there but your family might not always be there. I know that some of you are reading this and saying “Ya whatever, I can do what I want” that’s true and I’m not saying you have to do this, I’m just saying, think about what is most important to you and what you’re doing just for fun. My mom told me today that there are three stages of loss. First you are sad, heartbroken even but then you get angry. Angry at the fact that the person you love is no longer there. Then you just feel a mixture of sadness and regret. You regret anything you ever did that may have hurt that person or offended them. But at the very end of the cycle of emotions, you cherish the fact that you got to get to know that person, that you were blessed enough to have them in your life. So make sure to say “I love you” once a day, and make sure that you hug everyone you love a little tighter, because you never know what could happen.
On a happier note I decided to mix stripes and dots today, and the outcome was: Urban Outfitter’s cardigan, vintage shorts, tights from American Eagle, my friend’s top, vintage purse, and flats from Zara. xoxo Paloma.

60’s, 70’s, or 80’s?

Today, holding true to the idea that flowers will brighten up your life, I wore a bright red flowery dress from Free People, and sandals my mom gave me, claiming that they gave her the worst blisters of her life. I happen to love them but that’s besides the point. The point is, that no matter what someone says about someone else, you, or something, you have to be able to form your own opinion about it. The shoes are quite irrelevant on the scale of things but its just something to think about. In society today, we often misjudge others based on what we hear from our friends. After all who doesn’t like to hear juicy gossip. So while you may be reading this and shaking your head saying that you would never- it’s kinda in our nature. Don’t get me wrong, its not a good thing, but it exists. I know in high school we all hear those stories about the sluts, or the really hot guy and his girlfriend, or the kids who are “so mean”. But if you take a minute to think about it, have you ever actually spoken to these people and had a real conversation with them? I mean I know I’ve decided that I didn’t like someone based on what I’d heard, but I’m trying to overcome that flaw that we all have within us. So I guess the moral of this whole paragraph thing is don’t forget that rumors will be rumors and whether they are about you or someone you barely know, don’t listen and know what you know. If you know that a rumor about you is as far from the truth as we are from the moon, don’t let it get to you. And if your friends tell you something about so-an-so, ask yourself if you have had any personal experience on the that, have they been mean to you and etc, and if you haven’t: wipe it from your mind. I realize that the last sentence was super long, but still I think you got the message. xoxo Paloma.