Flower Child

Annnddd…I’m back! Today I for some reason dressed in all flowers. My tights were flower printed, my skirt from Brandy is covered in white flowers, and my yellow crop top from Free People has embellished flowers. I don’t know why or how this happened, but it did and surprisingly enough, I liked it. For the past few days I have felt really confident, which is really abnormal considering confidence is something that girls normally fake. It’s almost as if I’ve decided somewhere in my mind that I don’t care what anyone’s opinion is. Sure I’d like to have perfect skin, perfect hair, and a perfect body but who actually has that besides from a Barbie? And I’m sure that ever girl that I think is perfect faces the same issues I do. Nothing is ever good enough. If you have pretty straight teeth, you get braces to make them even straighter. If you have a healthy body, you lose five pounds to feel skinnier. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t feel that you, its pretty hard to escape it, but maybe we should all just stop putting ourselves under the microscope, because in the end it won’t matter what anyone else thinks. You just have to learn to be at peace with yourself, and that is probably the hardest thing of all. So in reference to that, and spring, maybe incorporate some sort of flower into your wardrobe because I promise you it will brighten you day. xoxo Paloma


I thought I should post a group of photos taken recently to make up for the lack of posts…actual posts. But on the bright side I will post tomorrow considering I’m free all afternoon! Right now I’ve been stressed with homework and tests and extra activities so I apologize for being MIA, I promise it won’t last long! And thanks to everyone who reads this, or who is reading this right now! I’m almost at 1k guys so if any of you would like to spread the word it would be much appreciated! xoxo Paloma


I woke up earlier today so I had more time to plan my outfit! I’m wearing camo pants from Forever 21, TopShop boots, and a Brandy Melville sweater. Also I found this amazing vintage purse from a vintage store from 18$ and I am in love. The bottom is wood and it has these amazing jewels all over them. Today Delilah and I went to go get our nails done so naturally I decided on black polish: classic Paloma. Also we walked around the town in the rain and sang a bunch of Ke$ha songs while fangirling over 1D…even though I’m not a fan. Besides from all of the above the most exciting thing that was done today was going laser-tagging. Lawls I feel like I’m rambling even though I’m typing this and could erase it if I wanted too…okie! Until next time, xoxo Paloma!


Today I woke up extremely late so I was quite rushed getting dressed. Alas I ended up wearing lulus, my vintage boots, a Brandy Melville tank, and a jean jacket from Forever 21. Delilah, today, wore leather leggings, a leopard tee-shirt from Buffalo Exchange, a men’s jacket from Buffalo Exchange, and Steve Madden boots. Today wasn’t very eventful besides from wandering around the mall for three hours. Lawls yeah a very uneventful day. Toodaloo til tomorrow! xoxo Paloma


So sorry for not posting for the past week, and I can’t use the excuse of school anymore because I’ve used it too much. So alas, I have no excuse. Haha my friend Delilah and I are currently traveling together in the great northwest, so here are some pictures from today! Delilah is wearing leather leggings from H&M, a blue tank top, a leather jacket from Forever 21 and Steve Madden boots. I’m wearing black jeans from Charlotte Russe, a Brandy Melville shirt, a jean jacket from Forever 21, and vintage boots from God knows where. I promise that I will be posting every single day due to the fact that I’m on holiday from school. xoxo Paloma

David Hockney

I am so so so sorry to everyone for not posting for like a week! I kinda lost track of time and haven’t been able to post (I know it’s a lame excuse). Anyways I’m back! I can’t promise I’ll post everyday, but I will try. Anyways so a couple pictures that are below are from a project that I’m doing in a photography class. The assignment was to create a portrait like David Hockney, and a few of the shots I find really captivating. The other pictures below are from last night at the Santa Monica Pier. Unfortunately I have no full body shots but I can just tell you what I’m wearing. Ok, so I’m wearing: black skinny jeans from Charlotte Russe, black high top converse, a Brandy Melville sweater, printed scarf from Charlotte Russe, and a overcoat from H&M. Delilah is wearing: Lulu leggings, her mom’s vintage boots, shirt from LF, her mom’s flannel, and an overcoat from H&M. Again I apologize for not posting but enjoy! xoxo Paloma

This is just an accidental shot that I took of my jeans when testing out my camera but I like the was the camera focuses only on the light and the pattern.