It’s Grunge Time

Hello World! Sorry for the late post, I just walked into my house after being out all day. Anyways today I had school (obvi), did a photoshoot, and went to a pizza parlor opening! Keep in mind that the pictures I post today are not of my outfit from school, but what I wore at the photoshoot. I don’t really have much to say today but I’d like to share my latest obsession with y’all: beanies. They never seemed to look good until my bestie’s dad gave me one, and voila! A match made in heaven. Alright enough with my blabbering, I wore: printed dress from H&M, vintage gold silk button-up, BEANIE, Topshop boots, and high socks from Target. My lovely friend Delilah was wearing: BEANIE, leather jeggings, a vintage tee, and Steve Madden boots. Ok ok, the pictures now…xoxo Paloma

No, I don’t actually have a bob.

Delilah could be a freaking model

It’s a Fairy’s World

Ok, honest to god question; would you ever wear blue tights? Well today, I did and I felt like a crayon. I don’t actually know what possessed me to wear them, but they just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Today was an uneventful day where I learned one thing: I cannot play frisbee. As easy as it may sound, it is incredibly hard to play and can harm you if you don’t catch it right…Anyways I wore: blue tights from American Eagle, a Brandy Melville skirt, a Brandy Melville crop top, vintage boots, and a Rubbish cardigan from Nordstrom. Does anyone know what I should wear to a pizza parlor opening tomorrow? If you have any ideas, tweet me @Palomaaahhh or leave me a comment below! Thank you to everyone that is reading my blog each day, and feel free to leave me any comments! xoxo Paloma

Green Beans

First day back to school and I am already counting down the days to our next holiday. Unfortunately it’s 18 days away which seems like a lifetime. Today was another cold, sunny day which consisted of Shakespeare, Model United Nations, and some science fiction movie. Oh and running, dreaded running. Even though school was long and tiresome, my outfit today was quite quirky and cute (in my opinion). I wore: Charlotte Russe skinny jeans, Topshop boots, a H&M lace tank button down, and a Brandy Melville cropped knit sweater thingy. I wore my staple jean jacket from JCrew as well. For anyone who actually saw me today, my eyes weren’t red due to crying. This morning my contacts decided that they did not want to be in my eyes, resulting in moments of blindness and not being able to actually open my eyes. Eventually they went in, therefore my eyes were red as blood. Anyways, not much new besides from everything listed above but feel free to leave me any comments on anything (comment on the bottom of the post). Oh and feel free to follow me on twitter @Palomaaahhh or on instagram @paloma_db
xoxo Paloma


Today was another bipolar weather day, and I decided to wear shorts. Terrible idea, but at least I wore tights as well! I woke up late and got dressed in a hurry and the outcome was surprisingly cute. I thought I would end up looking like a trapeze artist, but instead I ended up looking semi indie. Haha anyways I’m wearing: vintage Levi shorts, black and gold polka-dot tights from American Eagle, vintage boots, white shirt from Forever 21, and a bag from Anthropologie (the one from my last post). For some reason my family decided to go to Disneyland later in the day so I received many strange looks from random people there. Apparently it’s weird to wear tights and shorts when everyone around you is wearing jeans and hoodies…or maybe they were jealous by the fact that I could pull it off. Anyways, back to school tomorrow for my second semester (yay?). Until tomorrow lovelies, xoxo Paloma.


Today my family and I went to the Grove in LA, and the Natural History Museum. It was one of those days where the weather was rainy then sunny then humid. So we had the quintessential SoCal weather today. Anyways today I went for a minimalistic look and wore: black tie button-up from Forever 21, JBrand jeans, Topshop boots,  and Louis Vuitton bag. I later purchased the cutest blue suede purse from Anthropologie (no picture, sorry). I also dressed my younger sister today (picture below) in a complete blue outfit! Haha anyways not much is new in my life, but thank you to everyone who is reading this! Feel free to leave comments, ask me questions, or give me advice! xoxo, Paloma.

The Sister.

City of Angels

Tonight I went with my best friend to an art gallery/ showroom in Hollywood. It was a fantastic experience where we were able to interact with all walks of life! Haha anyways we both wore sky-high heels and one vender even complimented us by saying we walked better in those heels than his friends that model for Fashion Week…umm ok? I guess that means we aren’t all that awkward. Delilah’s and my outfits are both here. I wore: printed jeans from Buffalo Exchange, grey suede Steve Madden heels, a burgundy top from H&M, and a Free People jacket. Delilah wore: leather leggings from Urban Outfitters, a top from Forever 21, and heels from Target. Overall we had a great night but I doubt that we will be wearing anything besides from flip-flops for the next couple of days but pain is beauty! xoxo Paloma

Finals are over! Today is probably the most exciting day of the week for me, even though we have terrible, bipolar weather. This morning was dreadful because I was forced to run a mile in the pouring rain leaving me wet and freezing. At least I got an A in that class! This wasn’t what I wore to school today but I changed into this the moment I got home. Another plus to the day was discovering an amazing vegan restaurant in the South Bay! Anyways back to the outfit; I’m wearing Free People jeans, Topshop boots, an Urban Outfitter’s tank, my friend’s flannel, and a Free People leather jacket. Accessories include a dove necklace from my parents, a paper plane necklace from Ebay, and the basic silver rings. You should expect another outfit post later tonight or tomorrow: I’m going to a interior design show tonight in Hollywood. Anyways if anyone reading this has any feedback for me; it’s much appreciated! xoxo Paloma

Ok so I’m a natural brunette but my hair seems 50 billion shades lighter here…

Ok so I got this case back when I first got my iPhone, but then I kinda lost track of it but this past weekend I found it again and I am in love. I purchased it off Etsy in like August and its a picture of Marilyn Monroe who I adore. For some reason the vivid colors of this case with my black iPhone is like watching the Titanic to me: it makes me all happy inside. Toodalo xoxo Paloma

Since I’ve suddenly had the burst of inspiration to start a new blog, my previous blog was Hakone Rose, I decided to take my four favorite shots from 2012 and post them as a way of ringing in the new year (yes, I realizes I am a couple of weeks late). All of this new blogs stems from the idea of what I want to do in my life, and I can tell you from a teenage girl’s point of view; I have no idea what to do. I think it is extremely difficult for teenagers to actually pick one profession; I mean how can you pick just one when there are so many things to do in this world. So, I’ve narrowed my list down to five: writer, blogger, stylist, photographer, fashion designer, or interior designer. But in order to narrow that list down even further, I’ve decided to dabble a little in each. What better way to decide what you want to do then to do it all while I still can? In a few years I’ll be forced to make an actual decision, but for now, I have the liberty to do all I want and more. So on that note, I leave you with my four favorite shots of 2012. xoxo Paloma

Taken by me of my own boots. Love the detail of this picture.

Taken by me. Model Delilah Samuels. Taken 11/12

One of my first posts of last year. For the outfit, go to

My brief stint with pink tips. Only lasted a day but was a fantastic experience while it lasted.