Jk it isn’t that important 😉 So this post is dedicated to Priya, who frankly reminded me that I needed to post again considering its been about a week. So here you go Priya! I’ve been really busy for the past six days so pardon my random posting. I don’t have outfits of what I’ve worn the past couple of days but I do have some pictures of new items I purchased this weekend at Brandy Melville. The first top (picture below) I love because it has ribbing on the sides so that it makes it more unique than a normal tank top. The second top I also love because of the image, which I think is so unique and modern. I mean what’s better than having huge lips on your shirt? Haha so I worn both this week with high-waisted jeans (the tank top) and high waisted floral shorts (the t-shirt). But today I was severely weather confused, and I decided on black skinny jeans, docs (#threedaysinarow), and a sheer lace Free People shirt. And by weather confused I mean that I thought that it was going to be like 75 degrees when in reality it was like 50 degrees. Anyways thank you for all of you who have liked my Facebook page! Remember if you want to see yourself on the page email at and tell me what your outfit consists of! I’m going to be posting randomly, at least in the near future, because this weekend and the weekend after are my busiest yet and I’m also going to shift the focus of this blog a little bit from pictures of my outfits to more clothes, stores, deals, and construction of outfits because I know I’m always looking for new ways to wear things!
Ok so like I said in the last post, Coachella outfits! I know that Coachella is now over (*sobbing) but it’s better late then never….amiright? Ok so as I like to call it, wear the least amount of clothes possible without looking like a whore, Coachella is by far one of the most talked about music festivals. So, obviously, the fashions are top-notch indie, Free People- inspired, and hippy-generated. Soooo since I didn’t go (*sobbing x10) I don’t have any pictures for you but I do have my favorite pictures of the fashion below. #checkitout Ok and don’t get too depressed at the pictures of Coachella…the pictures are from Vogue and yes I know they are gorgeous and yes I know, we all want to look like them. And yes my self-esteem is now gone.
xoxo, Paloma

Love, love, love the headscarf. Much more modern then when you do it to look funny (me)

The sunglasses are to die for….as well as her hair….and skin…and face….

There is nothing wrong with this outfit besides the fact that I’m not wearing it…

Two months til Summer

As I promised I wore my new “find” today but considering it was the color of a highlighter, I felt like I was giving everyone that I passed a headache. Unfortunately for them I like the dress a lot and I plan on wearing it more in the future. So today’s lovely highlighter outfit consisted of a Cotton Candy dress that I got from Crossroad Trading Co. and my docs. The outfit was really simple for two reasons; one the dress was quite busy itself, and two because it was like 95 degrees today. This dress reminds me of something I would wear to a musical festival like Coachella (no I’m not going but I wish I was). Speaking of Coachella, my advice for anyone who goes: DO NOT wear what you would wear to school. Be creative, be skimpy, try out new trends, and wear what you would never wear among your peers. Isn’t that the point anyways? It’s going to be a short post today, but thank you for all of you who have liked my Facebook page! Also, I created an instagram account based solely on my blog so go follow me @frompalomawithlove (trust me it’s a different account then the one you think that you liked). I’m going to try and get some pics of Coachella fashion so look for those this weekend!
xoxo Paloma

The Californian Dream

For all of you lovely people realizing that it’s only Wednesday and that we have two more days until it’s the weekend; I feel you. So in order to ignore the feeling of “ugh it’s only Wednesday” I decided to talk about a new find of mine, if patterns make you happier, and of course (hence the title) the Californian Dream. But to start off, my outfit today consists of a Brandy Melville sweater (the most comfortable sweaters on planet Earth), a H&M velvet skirt, my beloved docs, and a watch. Unfortunately for me, it was quite windy today so I was so happy I wore shorts underneath. I actually really liked my outfit today, even though I forgot to shave my legs, because it made me realize that I actually liked my legs (sometimes). Before this year I would always, ALWAYS, wear jeans no matter what. But now its skirts, dresses, and shorts galore. Ok so that new find that you are all wondering about is in fact a store. Crossroad Trading Co. has the cutest clothes in the world and they are all super cheap. It’s like a Buffalo Exchange except better with more variety. I almost bought these shorts that were leather in the front and jean in the back but I decided on a lovely spring dress that, if you tune in tomorrow, will be on the blog. So I recommend that everyone checks it out because you can also bring in clothes to trade! For each thing you bring it, you’ll get either 35% cash back or 50% store credit! But FYI they are only taking spring items right now, so don’t bring in your winter clothes! So now to the next topic…do patterns make you happier? I’d have to say they do. Trust me, I’m all for jeans and sweaters but wearing a pattern automatically makes you look happier. I mean would someone who was depressed wear a bright pattern? I highly doubt it…most likely they would wear boring colors and types of clothes ( I’m only speaking from experience). Now to speak from experience again, I’m going to talk about the Californian Dream. To begin it all started around the time of the Gold Rush. A time when everyone wanted to strike out and find the gold that would solve their problems and get them rich. Amazingly enough, it’s the exact same idea today. People come to Los Angeles or California as a whole to follow their dream, get rich or maybe even just to get tan. Either way, we Californians are really something special. We live in the state that some dream about visiting. In some ways we are living other people’s fantasies. Maybe that’s why we are all so determined, it’s just part of who we are…those Californians…
So now that I’ve discussed those three random topics, thank you to all of you who liked the Facebook page!! Keep liking for those who didn’t and feel free to follow me on instagram @frompalomawithlove
xoxo Paloma

The Reverse Quality

Bonjour! In the words of the French, I say hello! But if any of you are smart you’ve probably google translated that by now…nevertheless I thought I should tell you the definition. It was a warm/freezing cold windy day leading me to become weather confused. How else should you dress when it sunny but windy except wearing printed jeans, a Free People tank, an American Eagle vest, and Topshop boots. Little side note but I wasn’t even going to wear the vest to begin with and I’m so glad I did. And yes, I did not wear my docs today! The separation from them isn’t going to last long and I can promise that I will be wearing them again tomorrow! If anyone looked yesterday, I posted an outfit sent in by one of you on my Facebook page (From Paloma With Love) and I have to admit that I wish I had that outfit…ifff you didn’t look yesterday, look later because there will be not one but TWO outfits that wear sent in, up online. So look, look, look! Ok and I know a lot of people know me personally that read this and think it’s weird what I’m doing (blogging) but hey, you can’t blame me for being ambitious. I will continue to do what I love to do and we’ll see where it takes me, but for the mean time if you don’t like what I’m doing; stop reading. This blog isn’t made for anyone to criticize, it was made so that I could express my love for fashion and social networking and advice. So if you don’t like it leave. And that is that. But for those of you who keep reading; thank you. It really makes you happy when there are people out there who support you no matter what. SO THANK YOU x100! This is really off topic but have any of you ever talked in hashtags? It’s actually really hard… For example… #higuysimtryingtohashtagareallylongmessagewhichisfollowmyinstagramwhichisfrompalomawithloveandlikemyfacebookpagewhichialreadytoldyouwhatitwas
See if you can read that ^
Oh and yeah I know I don’t resemble any other stick thin fashion bloggers but hey…I’m CURVALICIOUS (dk if I spelled that right but you get the idea)
xoxo Paloma

Oh Barnacles… 2K

Shoutout to all those lovely people who have always worn tights and shorts; I finally see what all the fuss is about. Shorts+tights are literally my life and I apologize for anytime I may have insulted this look in the past. Anyone who thinks differently needs to try it asap. My favorite ensemble would be cool printed tights, docs or lace up boots, high-waisted shorts, and some cute crop top with a baggy cardigan…aka today’s outfit. Today’s outfit consisted of a lace shirt from Anthropologie, vintage shorts, docs, ripped black tights, and a long cardigan from Urban which I took off once the sun came out. But seriously people, try this combination. Change it up, add things, go crazy with accessories, but the bottom line is; WEAR SHORTS WITH TIGHTS. I’m sure most other bloggers would say that its a crime against fashion of terrible on the eyes but honestly? I’m only young once, so screw what they all think, I’m going to dress however I want. The decision is ultimately yours but I’m telling you…wear shorts and tights. Now that I’ve fully convinced you to wear shorts and tights, I’m going to do some more endorsing for my Facebook page! Woohoo (oh that’s sarcasm btw). Ok so please people, email me a picture of you in an outfit that you find really cute at, include your name and the full outfit description, and I will post it! I think it’s really important that everyone’s style is seen and heard so that we don’t all go through life hiding our inner wild child (in the fashion sense). So email up! OMG and did I mention….I’m like 10 away from 2k! Thank you so so much! Ok short post today, but hey…gotta live with it!
xoxo Paloma

And yeah I’m kinda obsessed with my docs…

Doc Mafia

I told you I was back for good, and here I am again to prove it! Today’s outfit was all about the Docs (which I bought yesterday after saving up all the money) which are my new favorite shoe. A Brandy shirt (grey), a Brandy patterned skirt (yellow and black), and ripped tights. The shoes come a little stiff so breaking them in is necessary. Luckily for me breaking them in happened while I biked 5 miles in under an hour. This occurred so that my dad wouldn’t get mad at me for being gone longer than an hour so needless to say my thighs are still burning. On top of that I did a two mile walk for the Samburu Project this morning. The Samburu Project helps raise money to build wells in Kenya so that women and children don’t have to spend so much time searching for water. It’s a really great organization so if anyone wants to donate, everything is appreciated! So during the walk I was talking to a friend of mine who is really quiet and observant. While walking I think I made a comment about what a jogger was wearing, and he turned to me and said that I was being really judgmental. Of course I just brushed it off at the time as a joke, but it got me thinking about how all of us judge others so easily. Whether it’s a glance towards your friend when someone walks by, or thinking to yourself something negative about someone around you, it’s still judging. I know that everyone does it whether or not they verbalize it. The saying is true that everyone is “silently judging”because of course no one is going to really tell you what they are thinking, but they are most likely thinking something that might come across as offensive. So to all of you reading this, next time you catch yourself thinking about how weird someone is dressed or how how they walk, stop yourself. Even though you are thinking it and not saying it, doesn’t mean it’s not rude. After all can’t we all tell when someone is talking about us or looking at us strangely? I know I can and the feeling sucks. So keep that in mind and try and stop yourself next time…OH and donate to the Samburu Project!
Oh and as a side note if any of you know me personally, or live in the Los Angeles/West side, I’m gonna start shooting portraits (for FB, insta, or whatever) so if you are interested (FYI I’m really cheap) email me @ or if you have my number, text me!
xoxo Paloma

Me or Barbie

Hello all! I know I’ve been M.I.A for the week (it was a week where everything I wore disgusted me and I resembled a cow) but I’m back with some very important news… I’ve started a Facebook page! So get on your computers and go like From Paloma With Love on Facebook! K so you will all probably wonder what happened to today’s photos and the answer is Lightroom! It’s an photo editing application for your computer, and I highly recommend it! Anywhoo today I’m wearing black skinny jeans, a black Free People tank top that I’m borrowing from my friend, an army jacket from Forever 21, and Dolce Vita boots that I’ve had for about three years. My accessory for the day is a homemade necklace with the word bitchy on it. There’s a pic on my Facebook page if anyone is interested! Ok so after the pics of my outfit, there is a picture of something that is really important. It is a picture of what Barbie would look like if she was a real human being ( To see this really emphasizes how no one can or should ever compare themselves to celebrities or idols because in most ways they aren’t normal. They have access to special trainers, pills, and diets that normal people can’t get. And in a way that’s a good thing. Too often we compare ourselves to people we see on TV or in magazines *cough the Jenners *cough VS models. We would all love to look like them but I can assure you that they feel fat or ugly sometimes, just like we all do. So when I hear people say “oh I’m so fat today” or “god I’m ugly” it upsets me. It’s a well known fact that we see ourselves in a different light then the people around us. We always think we look weird when we don’t; don’t worry I think that too sometimes. And as soon as you can embrace yourself and all your flaws, the sooner you will feel prettier, or skinner. All this self deprecation that we do, it’s all in our heads. Remember that we are all gorgeous and talented and uniquely ourselves, we just need to see past our insecurities and accept that fact. Sure you will always think that someone is better then you, but everyone will. It’s a never ending circle. So end it. Be the one to embrace yourself no matter how hard it is, because in the end it will be well worth it. So in the words of Kylie Jenner (words we all should live by) “What’s the big deal about thigh gaps… I don’t get it.” AMEN SISTER
xoxo Paloma.

How To Organize: Closet Edition

I’ve learned something extremely interesting in the past three hours of sitting in my room alone; there are too many ways to try and organize your closet. I first started with the idea of “the rainbow” or separating all your clothes by color, which is extremely hard. I mean how do you know how to classify each color and if you can successfully organize this way, your closet ends up looking like a three year old girl’s closet who’s a perfectionist. Then there’s by season: taking all the clothes that you would wear for spring, for example, and putting those on one side of your closet, and leaving everything else on the other side. The only time this gets difficult is when you have a tiny amount of one season’s clothes, and a ton for the rest of the year. But, because of my inability so have my closet messy, I’ve decided to use the method of brands. I know that probably sounds really superficial, but it’s actually not. Since some brands (or stores) sell a certain type of clothes like, for example Free People sells mostly flowery/lacey/whimsical/goddess-meets-beachness, if you classify all those clothes in one area, its easier to find what you’re looking for. For some reason my inspiration to re-organize my closet come from discovering The Man Repeller (And I’m sure you are all wondering how I’ve never heard of it before today and honestly I have no idea). Anyways moving on from the closet, on Thursday of last week I, along with Delilah, went to the Debut show for FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). It was absolutely amazing and I’ll post pictures below of some of the collections. To the show I decided to bring out my inner cat by wearing a cat dress from Topshop, my “stripper heels” from Nine West, and a Kate Spade bag lent to me by Delilah. The show was, like I said, amazing and it’s open to anyone who wants to attend! Just go to the website at the end of this year (tickets don’t go on sale til December) and snag yourself some tix. Also, question for all of you; If I have suspender tights, how should I wear them? If you have any ideas, email me @
xoxo Paloma

Luckiness in a Bottle

Sitting here eating my tiger’s milk bar, I can’t help but try and think of something to write about. I know I write mostly for myself and that no one really reads what I write (just looking at the pictures), but I feel a need to be productive so stay with me and lets see where this leads. Today I woke up at 6:15am, the only reason being that I needed to shower and unfortunately what I had picked out to wear last night, did not end up looking good this morning. Hence the many outfits and the final decision resembling what a clown might wear to a circus. Dress from the 6th grade, my friend’s sweater that I need to return, polka-dot tights from American Eagle, ruffled socks from Topshop, and my favorite boots that I wear almost every day. And in the name of Saint Patty’s day, I’ve decided to help all of you find things that up your luckiness. I know for me whenever I’m nervous for something I tend to become a bit superstitious. In the past I’ve had to arrange my pillows a certain way, wear specific rings on specific fingers, and go through a detailed routine each morning. I realized now that each of these “lucky” things probably were completely irrelevant but once your brain believes in something, it takes a while not to. You’ve all probably heard someone say that they wore their lucky underwear or socks that help them win the game they played, but unfortunately this is all our own superstition. Once in a while we will really be lucky, but that doesn’t necessarily happen each time we wear that ring or pair of socks. But since the saying goes “you make your own luck” here are some ideas on how to make yourself believe you are lucky.
1- When you have a big presentation of some sort that you aren’t expecting and you end up doing well on it, remember the color of your shirt and wear that color next time you have a big presentation. (this may seem silly, but once you start to do it your mind starts to believe that it really is lucky)
2-  Always do something the same before you do something that scares you. For example if you had half a bagel before your interview and you ended up getting to job, eat half a bagel before anything else that you need luck for.
3- If you took a big test using your favorite blue pen, use that blue pen for each challenging test that comes your way(I’m not saying that you shouldn’t study though).
Even though as you’re reading this you are probably thinking wtf I’m saying, but the message is simple once I sum it up: BE LUCKY BY DEVELOPING A LUCKY HABIT. 
xoxoxo Paloma